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I found myself out of the office without my foot-inch calculator. Went to iOS App Store and found your app amongst all the other bloated and boring ones. Simple, clean, elegant and efficient. Thanks so much for a great app. Saved the day!
— iTunes Customer Review by spedygnzls

ArchiCalc is a dimensional calculator for architects and builders. It is designed to make working with imperial and metric dimensions fluid and easy. Designed by an architect for architects, ArchiCalc works in a natural intuitive way with numbers, lengths, areas and volumes. Metric and Imperial units can be added together without converting in advance and can be freely converted to other formats. Lengths multiplied by lengths result in areas and areas multiplied by lengths result in volumes. 

In addition to the standard mathematical operations, ArchiCalc includes geometric operators for calculating the hypotenuse of a right triangle, volumes of spheres and other useful geometric functions. It includes 10 general use storage registers, a tutorial, and on screen rounding for decimal places and denominators of fractions of an inch. A key help feature provides information about each key. Simply hold a touch on a key and information about the key is provided. 

ArchiCalc's Main Screen

ArchiCalc's Main Screen includes the functionality of a standard calculator as well as:

  • Keys for entering dimensions such as 3' 7-5/8" or  1.35 m.
  • Keys for freely converting between other formats and units.
  • Keys to access length, area and volume units.
  • A backspace key.
  • Keys to change the rounding for decimal units as well as fractions of inches.
  • Parenthesis for grouping operations.
  • A Pi key
  • An information key
  • A key for accessing the alternate function page.

Alternate Function Page

ArchiCalc's alternate function page provides access to additional functions. Access the alternate function page by "swiping" the screen or touching the page indicator. The alternate page provides access to:

  • Exponential functions
  • Trigonometric Functions
  • Hypotenuse of right triangle
  • Leg of right triangle
  • Circumference of circle
  • Area of circle
  • Volume of Sphere
  • Volume of extrusion 
  • Volume of Pyramid.

Memory Page

ArchiCalc's memory page provides access to 10 storage registers. Access the memory registers by simply touching the main numeric display

On Screen Help

On screen help for each of ArchiCalc's key can be accessed by touching and holding on the key.

Information Page

ArchiCalc's information page provides access to ArchiCalc's Tutorial and a link to online support.


ArchiCalc's tutorial introduces the basic and unique features of ArchiCalc. A "Show Me" feature guides you button by button through basic operations. 

Thank you

Thank you for considering ArchiCalc. If you have any questions or comments please follow the link below to ArchiCalc Support

ArchiCalc Support.